New Year’s Resolution By Kenneth Bagby, D.D.S. on January 06, 2018

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, you may want to consider letting go of habits that adversely affect your dental health. Usually, New Year’s resolutions involve quitting smoking, getting more exercise, and eating healthier food. And those are all good resolutions—good for both your overall health as well as your dental health. But there’s a few habits that, if you do have them, are very problematic for both your teeth and gums.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is usually a nervous habit, and it’s hard on your teeth. It can both chip away at teeth and harm your jaw. But, unfortunately, because nail biting is an inherently nervous habit, it can be a difficult habit to break. Consider using bitter-tasting nail polishes. Or the kind of bitter-tasting anti-thumb sucking formulas also work. If you chew your nails because of stressful situations, then consider stress-reduction techniques. A little intervention can go a long way.

Bad Brushing Habits

Remember, it’s important to brush your teeth twice daily, for two minutes, and to floss at least once. But did you know that some toothbrushes, toothbrushes with stiff and hard bristles, can damage the teeth and the gums? It’s true, unfortunately, and you can also do damage to the teeth and the gums by brushing too hard. Remember, no amount of vigorous brushing is going to remove tough stains—that’s reserved for a visit to Dr. Bagby’s office. Make sure you use a soft- or medium-bristled toothbrush, and that you use the brush with a gentle pressure.

The Involuntary Habits

Some bad habits are practically involuntary. For instance, you may be someone who grinds their teeth when you sleep. It’s time to end that habit. You may not realize the kind of damage that happens when you grind your teeth. A simple mouth guard may alleviate the grinding, helping you have less damage, less pain, and a better rest.

Remember also to include on your New Year’s resolution list to keep to all regular dental checkups and cleanings. Regular dental checkups are very important to your dental health.  Call Dr. Bagby to schedule your appointment today!

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