Address Decay or Tooth Loss
with a Dental Crown

If you are struggling with a compromised tooth, a dental crown can restore the strength and integrity of your smile. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the visible portion of a damaged or decayed tooth. It can also be used in conjunction with a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth. While it is always our goal to help our patients maintain their oral health through attentive preventive care, we can also provide the high-quality restorative treatments you deserve. Dr. Kenneth Bagby and Dr. Erica R. Stokke are proud to provide patients in Billings, MT, with minimally invasive dental crown treatment. It is our goal to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible, while still protecting the health of your smile. 

A dental crown can be color-matched to blend seamlessly with neighboring teeth.
dental crown

A Diverse Solution

Dental crowns are a versatile solution to several oral health concerns. They can:

  • Strengthen a damaged or decayed tooth 
  • Secure a dental bridge 
  • Restore a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Improve the function of a broken or worn tooth
  • Restore a dental implant 

While dental crowns and veneers are typically used for restorative purposes, they can also offer cosmetic advantages. Crowns can:

  • Amend the look of your smile after tooth loss
  • Cover stubborn stains or discoloration
  • Enhance the appearance of disproportionate or misshapen teeth

During your consultation, we can assess your smile and determine whether a dental crown is right for you.

Materials We Offer 

Our dental crowns are available in several materials, including:

Porcelain crowns provide stunning results, as they mimic the sheen and translucency of natural teeth. We typically recommend porcelain crowns or veneers for highly visible anterior teeth.
This material is stronger than all-porcelain but still boasts an attractive appearance. As there is a metal base, we typically recommend these crowns for posterior teeth.
These crowns are exceptionally durable, and they can be color-matched to blend seamlessly with adjacent teeth. These are an excellent solution for posterior teeth. 
IPS e.max®
These glass-ceramic crowns combine high performance with beauty. They can be used to restore any tooth, however, they may not be ideal for patients with bruxism.
Gold is the strongest material and will not fracture. Although not as esthetic as the ceramics it can provide for a more conservative restoration and is very long lasting. As gold is highly visible, it is generally used for back teeth.

What to Expect 

Typically, it takes two appointments to design and fabricate a dental crown. During your first visit, we remove any decayed or damaged portions of your tooth. In this process, we strive to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Once the tooth has been prepared, we can take impressions of your teeth, which will be sent to our partner laboratory and used to craft your dental crown. In the interim, we can provide you with a temporary restoration to ensure your comfort. Given that the crown is to address tooth breakdown, it is important that the tooth feel comfortable with the provisional (‘temporary’) crown. If the tooth had been sensitive, the pulp (‘nerve’) may be injured and require more treatment. This is better done before cementing the permanent in place.

It is our goal to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible, while still protecting the health of your smile. 

After about three weeks, you can return to our office to receive your finalized crown. Before securing your crown in place, Dr. Stokke or Dr. Bagby will take the time to ensure if fits properly in your bite and complements your smile. If no modifications are needed, your doctor can place your crown on your tooth and polish it to add the finishing touches. Although most offices use a cement to deliver the crown, Dr. Bagby has been using a combined approach of bonding and cementation which has been proven scientifically to reduce the risk of micro leakage (decay) underneath the crown.

Going Above & Beyond for Patients

Your comfort is our priority. When performing treatment on anterior teeth, we may be able to use Kovanaze® as an anesthetic. This nasal spray numbs the treatment area, eliminating the need for a needle. We can also provide sedation if you struggle with dental phobia or anxiety, so you can feel at ease during every stage of your care.

Schedule Your Consultation

You no longer need to suffer from the effects of tooth loss or damaged teeth. To find out what treatment is the right solution for you, we encourage you to contact us online or call us at (406) 252-1078. Our staff looks forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health and providing the quality care you deserve. 

Dr. Bagby

Kenneth J. Bagby DDS, PC

The practice of Drs. Kenneth Bagby and Erica R. Stokke has provided superior, advanced, and personalized care to Billings, MT, patients since 1985. They specialize in dental occlusion issues, relieving TMJ disorder symptoms, and replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Our highly reviewed dentists are affiliated with prestigious organizations such as:

  • International College of Dentists 
  • American Dental Association
  • Montana Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry

To schedule your free consultation or second opinion, contact our Billings, MT, office using our online form or by calling (406) 252-1078.

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